WordPress 4.9.7 Security and Maintenance Release

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June 27, 2018
WordPress 4.9.8 Maintenance Release
August 2, 2018

WordPress 4.9.7 Security and Maintenance Release


July 5, 2018 – WordPress version 4.9.7 has been released. This update is a security and maintenance release pertaining to all versions since WordPress 3.7. WordPress versions 4.9.6 and earlier are affected by a vulnerability in the media feature that has potential to allow a user with certain capabilities to delete files outside of the uploads directory.

Additionally, 17 other bugs were fixed in the WordPress 4.9.7 release. A few noteworthy fixes include:

  • Taxonomy: Improvement to cache handling for term queries
  • Posts & Post Types: Clear post password cookie when logging out
  • Widgets: In sidebar descriptions on Widgets admin screen, basic HTML tags are now allowed
  • Community Events Dashboard: Nearest WordCamp event will always show
  • Privacy: Fatal error will no longer occur when flushing rewrite rules with default privacy policy content

More information on the WordPress 4.9.7 release.

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Stephen Geldersma
Stephen Geldersma
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