Pay Per Click Management Services


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Connect with Buyer-ready Leads Fast


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Connect with Buyer-ready Leads Fast


Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) – fast results, kept within your budget.

What is PPC Advertising?google-partner-certified-google-adwords-partner-google-analytics-partner-grand-rapids-mi

For Pay Per Click (PPC) services, most people think of Google Adwords as it is the most popular online advertising platforms available. PPC can also extend to Bing Ads, Facebook, and others. We concentrate our PPC Management efforts on the BIG 3 – Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Advertising.


PPC Helps Connect with buyer-ready Leads

Reach buyer-ready individuals at the right time, when they are looking for the product or service you offer. PPC Advertising, also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), can provide more immediate results within a few weeks verses growing your organic search rankings with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can take an average of 3-6 months to see any dramatic increases in organic search ranking and increased traffic to your website.



How does PPC Work?

People are always searching for products and services in Search Engines such as Google and Bing Search from their home, work, or on-the-go with their mobile devices and phones. When someone types in a product or service they are searching for and we’re targeting related keywords for your Google Adwords and Bing Ads Campaign, your Ad will display in the highest visible area in the Search Engines – above the organic results.

Our goal with every campaign is to create and manage your account to optimize your Ads for the best click-through rates, cost per click, impressions, conversion rates and more. We’ll be able to gather data on what Ads are working best, and what Ads can be improved to meet your campaign goals.


Most PPC Services work the same way:

  • Initial Consultation / Identify your campaign goals (generate leads, increase sales, make the phone ring, create awareness, increase traffic to specific pages, etc.)
  • Set a geographic area (city, state, county, zip codes, area radius, etc.)
  • Set a budget (limit spend to daily / weekly, or overall monthly budget)
  • You only pay for clicks to your website (Ad impressions that create awareness of your business are free!)


Our Bing and Google AdWords certified PPC Management specialists will:

  • Perform an initial consultation of your business and Campaign goals to get a big-picture understanding of your business and make recommendations on targeting specific keywords
  • Perform Keyword Research to make sure we’re not leaving out opportunities
  • Design an ad that stands out and targets specific keywords
  • Create a strategy base on campaign goals optimize results
  • Develop a landing page optimized to convert visitors from specific ads and keyword sets (when people click through the ad they expectations from the ad match the page information and the page has specific features such as call-to-actions, contact information and lead-generating contact form to convert visitors into leads for your business)
  • Provide you with monthly reports and recommendations to continually improve your PPC Campaign results.
  • R&D to keep up-to-date with the latest PPC best practices, search engine techniques and regulations.


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