SEO & Local Search Marketing


SEO & Local Search Marketing

Improve your Search Engine Ranking Results


SEO & Local Search Marketing

Improve your Search Engine Ranking Results


SEO & Local Search Marketing



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? How can SEO Benefit my Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing marketing discipline used to improve your search engine ranking results. This higher visibility results in more relevant traffic to your website. Search Engines use algorithms to determine where to rank your website in their search results. There are hundreds of factors within these search algorithms that ultimately determine the trust and overall value of your website in comparison to others.

We practice proven “white-hat” SEO techniques in a constantly evolving discipline to stay on top of SEO best practices.

Heavy focus is placed on the strategic selection of keywords, enhancing site architecture, and the production of high quality content to engage your target audience and help convert more visitors into leads and customers for your business via conversion rate optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization allows us to enhance the ability of your website to convert more website visitors into leads and customers for your business. We perform conversion rate optimization by utilizing strategic A/B split testing to test different pages, forms, colors, call-to-action buttons, links, titles, and more to see which combinations of design and content convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads and customers.

In all cases, we want to maximize the ability for your website to convert visitors and not bounce away from your website. Conversion rate optimization is also beneficial in situations where a website doesn’t look professional and has qualities of an out-dated site or some features are clearly broken or out of place visually, as this can distract a visitor to quickly close your website and turn to one of your competitors. This also applies to websites that are not mobile friendly where technology such as responsive design is not being used and leaves potential customers viewing your website to leave due to poor user-experience and an impression that your website is not functioning properly and often reflecting on their perceptions of your professionalism with buying your products or services from your business.

Conversion optimization can significantly increase sales from your website with or without increasing traffic from SEO services.

SEO Services Include:

  • SEO Consulting
  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building (Link Earning)
  • SEO Reporting & Recommendations



Our SEO Process

1. AUDIT616-marketing-group-grand-rapids-mi-google-partner-grand-rapids-adwords-certified-grand-rapids-mi

Our SEO Services begin with an audit. We want to know baseline performance of where your website and overall web presence stands right now, so we can effectively measure any and every change to your website performance as we conduct our SEO campaign. As part of SEO consulting, we learn about your business, how you currently generate new business, your value proposition to stand out from your competition, who your main competitors are, and numerous other factors. We combine our understanding of your business and industry with the insights from our SEO audit data. These insights will allow us to find out what is working, where there is room for improvement based on your business goals, and to identify key areas of opportunities through our competitor and industry analysis.


Our team will optimize your website for increasing visibility, engagement, retention, and conversions. Optimizing visibility allows for more potential customers to find you online in various acquisition channels (how people find you) such as Organic Search, Paid Search, Email, Direct Traffic, Social Media, and Referral Traffic which can be traffic from other websites including blogs, business directories, forums, etc.


Search engines want to deliver the best possible search results so that users will continue using their service, allowing the search engines to command higher advertising rates.

A large factor in determining where a website is placed in the search results is the quality score which is derived from a combination of internal and external links. A content strategy is paramount to any successful SEO campaign as it helps to maintain a stream of new and engaging content being published on your website.


We present you with information that helps you make important business decisions. Our Digital Marketing Specialists are fully Google Analytics certified and proficient in many other tracking tools to help measure the success of our SEO / Marketing campaigns:

  • What’s working and driving results
  • Issues with the website or user experience, indexing errors, warnings
  • Insights on needed improvement areas and plan of action to correct issues
  • Identify new opportunities for growth




Search Engines provide a higher focus to local businesses for location-based searches. Local SEO places a heavier focus on accuracy and consistency of business citations (NAP – name, address, phone number) through business directory listings, online reviews and online reputation management. Optimizing pages with local keyword data, specific schema markup, and building / earning local links also attribute to successful Local SEO.


Let’s discuss the opportunities to optimize your website and search engine visibility with our certified Digital Marketing Specialists.

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