MIOSHA Emergency Rules (10-15-2020 Update)

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MIOSHA Emergency Rules (10-15-2020 Update)


October 15, 2020 – Starting from yesterday to be in effect for 6 months; the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity released a COVID-19 Announcement regarding MIOSHA Emergency Rules.

These MIOSHA emergency rules help to clarify employers’ requirements to control, prevent, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The following PDF link details workplace safeguards for all businesses and specific
requirements for industries, including manufacturing, construction, retail, health
care, sports and exercise facilities and restaurants and bars.

Read the full press release.

Download the COVID-19 MIOSHA Emergency Rules Infographic (PDF).

It also details that businesses that resume in-person work must, along with many other requirements, have a written COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, and provide thorough training to employees. This training at a minimum should include:

  • Workplace infection-control practices
  • Proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE),
  • Steps workers must take to notify the business or operation of any symptoms of COVID-19 or a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19
  • How to report unsafe working conditions

For more information about MIOSHA’s safety and health guidelines to protect Michigan’s workforce during the pandemic, visit Michigan.gov/COVIDWorkplaceSafety.

Employers and employees with questions regarding workplace safety and health may contact MIOSHA using the new hotline at 855-SAFE-C19 (855-723-3219)

COVID-19 has affected our business and all of our clients in many aspects. For some, business remains down, and others devastated. We’re in this together.

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