3 Things Your Website Needs to Generate More Leads

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3 Things Your Website Needs to Generate More Leads


We all have a website – or at least should by now. Maybe you created your website yourself, had a friend or freelancer create your website or a more professional web design with a web agency. No matter how your website was created – is it working for you? Do you have a ‘set-it-forget-it’ website that just sits there or maybe it generates some leads for you but you’re looking for a consistent, reliable sales funnel?

3 things your website needs to generate more leads are:

  1. VISIBILITY – Can people find you online such as in Google Search, based on the products or services you offer? Or do they already have to know you or your business in order to find you? This is a huge gap of missing opportunities that are going to your competitors. You need to take advantage of those you might not know of your business, but they are online using Google Search looking for what you offer – every day.
  2. ENGAGEMENT – Do visitors stay on your website? or do they leave right away? Use engaging content along with simple messaging that speaks to your target-audience’s problems and how you are the solution. Bonus if you can also help your audience understand how you’re different than your competition and better in meeting their needs.
  3. CONVERSIONS – What action do you want your visitors to take? This can be buying a product online, calling or filling out a website contact form for a quote, etc.


Let’s have a strategic conversation on your website and business challenges and goals in how we might be the best fit for your needs. Our dedication to drive results, and a lot of coffee… 616 Marketing Group is your West Michigan solution for smarter websites that build your business by generating more leads for you online.

Stephen Geldersma
Stephen Geldersma
Partner, Creative Director // Client Services - Solving challenges through brand strategy, web design, and content creation. Digital strategist helping businesses grow. Stephen focuses on business development, client-agency relationships, and ensuring client success in aspects of Web Design, SEO, and Advertising Campaigns. He leads our creative team as well as working directly on web design for key accounts. Stephen also conducts quarterly and annual performance reviews with clients to show the positive impact 616 Marketing Group has on their business.

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